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Retention Tools


Retention Deficit Disorder® 


This interactive tool helps managers recognize key behaviors that if changed, could significantly increase their ability to engage and retain talent.



Retention Focused Manager™


Unique 180 degree survey, based on the A to Z strategies from Love 'Em or Lose 'Em ®, this instrument package measures a manager's talent-focused behaviors and identifies opportunities for improvement. By comparing the self-version to those of the direct reports, managers have an opportunity to see their potential to become a talent-focused leader realistically and start taking action where it has the biggest return.



Career Development Tools



CareerPower Classic® enables employees to take charge of their own development and commit to taking powerful career action. Managers utilize a proven model and a practical set of skills to support their employees’ self-directing careers.


CareerPower Classic™ is a workshop utilizing hands-on, highly

interactive self-assessment tools and activities. Employees create their career development plan based on: their skills, interests and values; how others picture them; workplace trends; and their realistic career options. Whether delivered as a self-paced, web-based or instructor-led workshop, employees at every level learn how to plan and manage their own careers.



CareerPower Classic™ for Managers


This workshop prepares supervisors and managers for their career

coaching roles, providing them the skills needed to support their

employees in implementing their career development plans.





Mentoring Tools





This is a unique program designed to foster productive,

supportive relationships among people throughout and at every

level of the organization. Whether a facilitated or self-directed

learning experience, it weaves together the concepts of mentoring and networking to build strong alliances that enhance professional growth.


Power Mentoring

Employees who feel linked to the organization are more engaged

and productive. Mentoring is a powerful, cost effective means of

providing that link. It equips current or potential mentors with the basic skills and practical how to’s for mentoring others. Using either a

self-study or web-based version, this short, simple and practical

program can serve as an introduction to mentoring or as a supple-

ment to existing mentor/mentee relationships. This unique mentor-

ing experience encourages self-development for the mentor while

simultaneously developing the mentee.


Sparking Ideas for Collaborative Conversations: A quick and effective method to give managers, team leaders, and individuals the basic skills and practical how-to's of mentoring others. This self-directed, on-line, or facilitated experiential workshop accelerates learning and facilitates the smooth transfer of knowledge from those who have it to those who need it.


Designed to be used as an introduction to the mentoring process or as a supplement to an existing mentoring program, PowerMentoring ® creates a unique mentoring experience that encourages self-development for the mentor while the mentee is being developed.




This is the complementary program to PowerMentoring™

and parallels the process from the mentee’s perspective.

The program helps mentees understand their role in the

mentoring process and fosters active participation in the learning

experience by accelerating collaborationon both sides of the relationship.


Making the Most of Your Mentoring Relationship: A complementary offering to PowerMentoring ®, this solution for the learning partner provides a quick and effective way to guide individuals in understanding their role in the mentoring relationship.

Using a series of engaging exercises and activities in a web-based, self-study, or facilitator-led learning experience, individuals will learn to prepare for and maximize the experiences with their mentors.