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Invest in your Values

This unique approach to values clarification uses a game-board setting for fun and insightful learning. In addition to it's use in the engagement and retention arena, it can also be a helpful tool for teambuilding, redeployment, diversity training, and one-on-one discussions. It has been used for over twenty-five years by organizations across the globe to help people get in touch with the values that are most important to them.


The Values Strategy

A companion guide to Invest in Your Values, this instructor manual is full of thought-provoking exercises to maximize the Values exploration experience.


The Values Game

Tailored to the important concerns of young adults, this version of Invest in Your Values focuses on early insights into career paths that will be in tune with core values.


Connections: A Networking Map ®

Teaches employees and managers the art of networking, an essential component to career planning



A companion guide to the Networking Map, this instructor manual is full of thought-provoking exercises to maximize the networking process.


Deal Me In Card Deck®

Assesses an individual’s skills and interests by use of a card sort


Feedback Wheel®

Helps employees and managers master the feedback process through an easy-to-use instrument


Learning Zones Package

Assesses an individual’s interpersonal and organizational skills using a 360 process.


Creative Mind Profile®

Assesses an individual’s creative strengths and how they best can be developed


Career Savvy: 12 Behaviors to Enhance Professional Development

Take charge of learning with savvy behaviors that include reflection, observation and action.

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