Insight Publications designs, develops and publishes training materials for large-scale career development and mentoring programs in both the public and private sector. Established in 1989, we are a partnership between Beverly Kaye & Associates, Inc. and Marley Publishing Inc. For twenty-five years we have been inventing a wide array of training instruments, games and tools of self-discovery that have been widely used internationally. Our focus is on creating products, tools and training programs that engage both the mind and the heart. Our goal is to help people realize their passions, their power and their potential. Website closing next month. Goodbye.





Beverly Olevin has spent thirty-five years as a designer of creative training materials and as a management consultant. She has developed, written, and presented skill-based programs to improve organizational productivity and individual effectiveness, with a focus on fostering a climate that promotes individual responsibility and the awareness that uncertainty can be a positive force leading to new opportunities.


She is the CEO of Marley Publishing, Inc. which is a creative resource for Insight Publications.







Dr. Beverly Kaye's name is internationally known as one of the most invested, knowledgeable and practical professionals in the areas of career development, employee engagement & retention, and mentoring.  A dynamic and committed keynote speaker, Bev's presentations engage participants, stimulate learning and inspire action. Prior to earning a doctorate at UCLA, Dr. Kaye did graduate work in organization development at MIT Sloan School of Management and has taught executive seminars at UCLA and USC.


Bev has spent years researching corporate strategies for developing, retaining and engaging knowledge workers. In 2011, Bev was appointed to the Chief Learning Officer magazine’s Business Intelligence Board. In recognition for her ground-breaking and continual contributions to workplace learning over the past two decades, Bev received the 2010 Distinguished Contribution to Workplace Learning and Performance Award by the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD). They also honored her as a “Legend” and pioneer in the area of career development in 2007.





We design, develop and publish training materials for large-scale career development, mentoring and retention programs in both the public and private sector. Established in 1989, we are a partnership between Beverly Kaye & Associates, Inc. and Marley Publishing Inc.

Career Development


CareerPower Classic® enables employees to take charge of their own development and commit to taking powerful career action. Managers utilize a proven model and a practical set of skills to support their employees’ self-directing careers.


CareerPower Classic™ is a workshop utilizing hands-on, highly interactive self-assessment tools and activities. Employees create their career development plan based on: their skills, interests and values; how others picture them; workplace trends; and their realistic career options. Whether delivered as a self-paced, web-based or instructor-led workshop, employees at every level learn how to plan and manage their own careers.





The way we learn and the way we deliver training has changed over the years. Five-day, instructor-led workshops are being replaced with short, “chunked” training sessions, just-in-time content and tools. Whether you call it micro, mini, or bite-sized, it’s here to stay.


We know that it’s no longer a one size fits all. A comprehensive learning solution is still best for changing cultures and shifting the way people talk, share, practice, and learn. However, some learners and cultures demand something different — whether they’re short learning experiences or just-in-time access to content, tips and tools. Career Systems International offers all approaches.


Using some of our most impactful tools and thought-leadership, these microLearning solutions are designed to be help leaders and employees have real-time, real-world and relevant conversations leading to high engagement, commitment, growth, performance, and productivity.





Power Mentoring

Employees who feel linked to the organization are more engaged and productive. Mentoring is a powerful, cost effective means of providing that link. It equips current or potential mentors with the basic skills and practical how to’s for mentoring others. Using either a self-study or web-based version, this short, simple and practical program can serve as an introduction to mentoring or as a supplement to existing mentor/mentee relationships. This unique mentoring experience encourages self-development for the mentor while simultaneously developing the mentee.



This is the complementary program to PowerMentoring™

and parallels the process from the mentee’s perspective.

The program helps mentees understand their role in the

mentoring process and fosters active participation in the learning experience by accelerating collaborationon both sides of the relationship.



Love or Lose Em: A Retention Workshop for Managers


A Retention Workshop for Managers uses a variety of tools and activities to help managers and supervisors develop skills and strategies to positively impact an employee’s level of engagement and the likelihood of staying. The workshop also shows managers how to identify their own engagement and retention needs and how to begin a dialogue with their own manager.









Invest in your Values

This unique approach to values clarification uses a game-board setting for fun and insightful learning. In addition to it's use in the engagement and retention arena, it can also be a helpful tool for teambuilding, redeployment, diversity training, and one-on-one discussions. It has been used for over twenty-five years by organizations across the globe to help people get in touch with the values that are most important to them.


The Values Strategy

A companion guide to Invest in Your Values, this instructor manual is full of thought-provoking exercises to maximize the Values exploration experience.


The Values Game

Tailored to the important concerns of young adults, this version of Invest in Your Values focuses on early insights into career paths that will be in tune with core values.


Connections: A Networking Map ®

Teaches employees and managers the art of networking, an

essential component to career planning


Connections Strategy

A companion guide to the Networking Map, this instructor manual is full of thought-provoking exercises to maximize the networking process.


Career Savvy


Deal Me In Card Deck®

Assesses an individual’s skills and interests by use of a card sort


Feedback Wheel®

Helps employees and managers master the feedback process through an easy-to-use instrument


Learning Zones Package

Assesses an individual’s interpersonal and organizational skills using a 360 process.


Creative Mind Profile®

Assesses an individual’s creative strengths and how they best can be developed



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